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Using MicW i436 with Smaart v7 Di – Part-3.

Follow up of “Using MicW i436 with Smaart v7 Di – Part-2

A couple of weeks ago I finally hooked up the MicW i436 Kit to my MacBook Pro to take some measurements of my loudspeaker set in my living room. I own a set of Philips VN3100-25 active loudspeakers which inhabits the famous Stage Accompany SA8525 Ribbon Compact Driver and a SA1513 woofer,

The SA8525 RCD with its frequency range from 1 kHz to 30 kHz is the ideal driver to test the MicW i436 Kit with Smaart v7 Di.

As I earlier explained in part-2 of this article the MicW i436 can only work with Smaart v7 Di (Dual-Channel Interface) when you route the mic-OUPUT to the left channel (Input 1, Smaart) and the stimulus to the right channel (Input 2, Smaart). To accomplish this I used the StarTech USB Sound Card, “canned” 20dB pad, cables, adapters and the MicW i436 (with calibration file). As reference I used my old Neutrik 3382 (with calibration file) in combination with the iRig PRE because this mic needs phantom power to function.

The measurements were taken in our living room, first the MicW i436 and after that the Neutrik 3382, as you can see below on the first screenshot the two mics differ above the 9 kHz. My first thought was that the StarTech was responsible for the drop at 9 kHz, so I measured the StarTech. As you can see nothing wrong with the StarTech. On the second screenshot I’ve imported measurement data from Smaart Tools taken with my iPad Mini which follow the Neutrik 3382 measurement better.

I’ve made the measurements several times to be sure the measurements were reliable. In every measurement the 9 kHz drop showed up, so I’ve contacted Fred van Eijk of the MicW EU Office which is located in Maastricht (The Netherlands). And asked him if it was possible to send me another MicW i436 to double-check my MicW i436. Fred responded very friendly and cooperative on my request and did send me another MicW i436 and some extra accessories to hook up the mic.

After receiving the new MicW i436 I took some measurements. This time a Vifa H26TG-35/06 horn tweeter. All measurements were taken with equipment with phantom power that is; the M-Audio (Avid) C600 and the iRig PRE. To connect the MicW i436 to a phantom power device I’ve used the MicW PI49 converter. The results seems to look better as you can see on the screenshots below.

Still got the feeling the MicW i436 doesn’t measure well the high frequencies.

Last week I’ve bought an iSEMic 725TR which give me a good change to compare it with the MicW i436 and Neutrik 3382 (using again with the SA8525 RCD).

The comparison of the iSEMic, MicW and others can be reviewed at the “Affordable Measuring Microphones Shootout – Part-1” page.

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2 thoughts on “Using MicW i436 with Smaart v7 Di – Part-3.”

  1. Hi,
    Do you still have the MicW PI49 ?
    If yes can you please take some picture about the internal component ?
    best regards,

    1. Hi,

      I’m sorry both the MicW i436 and PI49 aren’t in my possession anymore.
      Sold the i436 and returned the PI49 to the Dutch importer.
      I did not opened the PI49 to not lose the return-right.


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