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Using MicW i436 with Smaart v7 Di – Part-1.


Screenshot Smaart v7 Di
Screenshot Smaart v7 Di

Some of you may know about the existence of Smaart® v.7 Di, which is a dual-channel sound system measurement, optimization and control program for Microsoft Windows® and Mac OS X®. You may also have heard of Smaart® Tools for tablets and smartphones which is an in-app purchase of AudioTools.

Smaart® Tools was developed by Studio Six Digital in collaboration with Rational Acoustics and is based on the proprietary algorithms, techniques, features & color mapping found in the Smaart® v.7 acoustic test and measurement software.

If you want to use one or both of the above mentioned measurement programs/apps you will likely need a measuring microphone too. One of the reasons I’ve started this article is to find a semi-professional measuring microphone which fit my budget. Professional measuring microphones are quite expensive.

I have an old Neutrik 3382 measuring microphone in my possession which I borrowed from my “Blue Friends” in the Netherlands, but I rather like to have an affordable measuring microphone of my own which I can use with my iPad, MacBook Pro and PC. After quite some reading on the Internet I’ve decided a couple of months ago to buy the MicW i436 to use it with my iPad (and later on with my other devices). I’ve purchased the AudioTools app and the in-app purchase to get Smaart® Tools. The combination of Smaart® Tools and the MicW i436 seems to work reasonably well, but needs some further testing and comparison.

The MicW i436 is compatible with Windows, Android and OS X, so let’s connect the hardware and use it with Smaart v7 Di.

Piece of cake, or not. (we’ll see in Part 2)

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