What I like the most about Pro Audio ?

Many people declare me insane when they see my two Stage Accompany (SA) Blue Box enclosures standing in my living room. They always ask me how my wife feels about these “monsters” taken so much place of our living room.

I know that the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) of the SA Blue Box is rather low so many women will prohibit their husbands to place such “monsters” in the living room. Fortunately my wife doesn’t care about the size of the enclosures as long as I’m happy she’s happy.

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Review: Stage Accompany M57, Germany

Below a piece of ASCII of a review I found in the SA archives of the SA M57 Studio Monitor.
Dated: November 1998.

Sonderdruck aus: Production Partner 11/98

Stage Accompany M57 Studio-Monitore

sa-m57Aus der niederländischen High-Tech-Schmiede für edle Audioprodukte kam unlängst das neueste Produkt der Master Series in die PRODUCTION PARTNER-Meß- und Hörräume. Als zweitgrößter Studio-Monitor aus dem Hause Stage Accompany fällt das 100 kg schwere Aktiv-/Passivsystem auf jeden Fall in die Kategorie der Hauptabhören für mittlere und große Studios.

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