Using MicW i436 with Smaart v7 Di – Part-3.

Follow up of “Using MicW i436 with Smaart v7 Di – Part-2

A couple of weeks ago I finally hooked up the MicW i436 Kit to my MacBook Pro to take some measurements of my loudspeaker set in my living room. I own a set of Philips VN3100-25 active loudspeakers which inhabits the famous Stage Accompany SA8525 Ribbon Compact Driver and a SA1513 woofer,

The SA8525 RCD with its frequency range from 1 kHz to 30 kHz is the ideal driver to test the MicW i436 Kit with Smaart v7 Di.

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vacsviewerVacsViewer (MS Windows) is a free and very handy tool/file-viewer for those who work a lot with MLSSA, SmaartLive, SmaartTools, Smaart DI, Arta, WinMLS, MatLab and many other RTA like software.



VacsViewer imports, converts and exports frequency response curves, text impedance curves, SPL curves and impedance curves files.