Affordable Measuring Microphones Shootout – Part-1

Like me most of the audio enthusiasts are interested in measuring their own loudspeakers and/or room. A professional Class 1 measuring microphone could cost € 1000,- or more. Most people have not that much money to spend so what are decent and affordable Class 2 measuring microphones?

I’ve found and tested several 1/4″ Class 2 measuring microphones in the € 20,- to € 200,- range. They have all in common that they can be used with a mobile device (like; iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows mobile phone/tablet), but also with a notebook or PC.

For the tests I’ve used an old Neutrik (NTI) 3382 measuring microphone (with frequency correction files) as reference. The measurements were taken in my living room using a pair of bi-amped Philips VN3100-25 (OEM Stage Accompany Blue Box, SA4525). The distance between the measuring microphones and loudspeaker was set at 0.5 meter and 1 meter distances.

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What I like the most about Pro Audio ?

Many people declare me insane when they see my two Stage Accompany (SA) Blue Box enclosures standing in my living room. They always ask me how my wife feels about these “monsters” taken so much place of our living room.

I know that the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) of the SA Blue Box is rather low so many women will prohibit their husbands to place such “monsters” in the living room. Fortunately my wife doesn’t care about the size of the enclosures as long as I’m happy she’s happy.

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Using MicW i436 with Smaart v7 Di – Part-3.

Follow up of “Using MicW i436 with Smaart v7 Di – Part-2

A couple of weeks ago I finally hooked up the MicW i436 Kit to my MacBook Pro to take some measurements of my loudspeaker set in my living room. I own a set of Philips VN3100-25 active loudspeakers which inhabits the famous Stage Accompany SA8525 Ribbon Compact Driver and a SA1513 woofer,

The SA8525 RCD with its frequency range from 1 kHz to 30 kHz is the ideal driver to test the MicW i436 Kit with Smaart v7 Di.

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