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Stage Accompany Downloads

This page contains hard to find vintage and earlier versions of Stage Accompany technical documentation like TechDocs, User Manuals, Service Manuals and miscellaneous downloads.

(in case you seek Stage Accompany information or have vintage SA technical documentation in your possession which are not on the list below, please leave a comment at the bottom of this page)

SA TechDocs:


SA User Manuals:


SA Service Manuals:


SA miscellaneous

7 thoughts on “Stage Accompany Downloads”

  1. Hi,

    I try to download the service manual for Blue Box but the file is always corrupted!

    Could you help me?

    Best regards
    Manuel LAUWERIER

    1. Hello Manuel,

      I’ve checked the BB service manual, its not corrupted as far I can see.
      It opens normally on my PC.

      I’ve send you an email with the BB service manual attached.



  2. Con la información técnica de SA4525 BlueBox he conseguido solucionar una difícil avería
    Muchas gracias por vuestra ayuda

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