Stage Accompany – SAnet User Manual

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Create DateApril 21, 2015

Stage Accompany - SAnet User Manual, software.

SAnet Philips 3203 PC
SAnet Philips 3203 PC

Stage Control V1.0:

The PPA1200 amplifier, the PPE2410 and the Blue Box are controlled by an internal microcontroller. In all devices the microcontroller is used to control operations, e.g. when the user touches a button. It’s also used to watch and control the electronic circuits, e.g. check signals against limits, driver digital to analogue converters and activate relays. And last but not least it serves the SAnet interface.

Progdev V2.0:

Updating is achieved by a download program. To be able to download microcontroller software to devices, Stage Accompany released the program Progdev V2.0.