Stage Accompany – SA500-900 Service Manual

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Stage Accompany - SA500-900 Service Manual, amplifier.

SA450, SA500 and SA900
SA450, SA500 and SA900

The 500 is the first amplifier of SA. The 500 and 900 (1981) were unofficially called "SA 500A" and "SA 900A". The B-series (1983) is the same as A-series, but has balanced inputs, individual power supplies and ground lift switch. The C-series (1985) is based on the B-series, with improved "high-speed" design (different transistors), improved on/off switch and handles (front and rear). The SA 450 (1987) is a single-channel version of the SA 900C, with selectable line-voltage (70V/100V). The SA 500 and SA 900 series were produced between 1980 and 1990.