Stage Accompany – Blue Box (SA4525) Service Manual

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Stage Accompany - Blue Box (SA4525) Service Manual, powered cabinet.

SA Blue Box, SA4525

The Blue Box (1986) is a two-way multi-purpose sound reinforcement system. The system consists of one SA 15" with SA Ribbon Compact Driver, together with a PMS5000 amplifier module. Since its introduction the Blue Box went through many changes; Starting with the SA8520, the BB has seen all Ribbon Compact Drivers, SA8525 (1987), SA8526 (1990) and SA8535 (1993). Also the woofer changed from SA1503 to SA1513 (1992). The cabinet shape went from (type of) wedge-shaped to deep rectangular (1987) to small rectangular (1990). The PMS5000 module has two different AC connections; The initial NL AC power plug was changed into a fixed AC cord (1988). The foam front was changed into the steel grill frame in 1990. Confused? As a reference; The Blue Box II came in 1990 and featured SA8526 Ribbon Compact Driver, with SA1503 woofer. The PMS5000 had a fixed AC cord and was mounted in smaller cabinet. The reflex vents were rounded (instead of rectangular) and the grill was made of steel. After that only the woofer (SA1513) and ribbon tweeter (SA8535) were upgraded. With the introduction of the high power SA8535, special updates were possible (including software), replacing the old Ribbons.