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Affordable Measuring Microphones Shootout – Part-2

Below the results of the three 1/4″ Class 2 measurement microphones shootout mentioned earlier in Part-1.

A Neutrik (NTI) 3382 was used as reference.

Measurement Microphones tested:

All microphones were calibrated (@ 94 dB), frequency correction files loaded (for the Neutrik, iSEMic and Dayton, MicW does not provide a frequency calibration file for the i436) and placed 0.5 meter and 1 meter from the Pink Noise source, a 4″ ribbon and 15″ woofer loaded full-range Philips VN3100-25 cabinet (OEM Stage Accompany SA4525).
All spectrum measurements were taken with Smaart v7 DI which was configurated as follows:

  • Both channels did have a measurement microphone attached
  • To automatically set the the delay the “Track” button was enabled
  • Averaging set a 2 sec
  • Banding set a 1/24 (iSEMic and MicW) and 1/48 (Dayton)
  • Pink Noise used as test signal

The results:

Because a picture is worth more then a thousand words I’ve put the results of the shootout as screenshots.

Neutrik 3382 vs iSEMic 725TR
Neutrik 3382 vs iSEMic 725TR – 0.5 meter
MicW i436 vs iSEMic 725TR
MicW i436 vs iSEMic 725TR – 0.5 meter
Dayton iMM-6 - iSEMic 725TR
Dayton iMM-6 – iSEMic 725TR – 1 meter
Dayton iMM-6 vs Neutrik 3382
Dayton iMM-6 vs Neutrik 3382 – 1 meter (oops, I’ve forgotten to enable the delay “Track” button and to set the 2 second averaging)

Conclusions, pros and cons of the three measuring microphones can be found at Part-3.

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