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Affordable Measuring Microphones Shootout – Part-1

Like me most of the audio enthusiasts are interested in measuring their own loudspeakers and/or room. A professional Class 1 measuring microphone could cost € 1000,- or more. Most people have not that much money to spend so what are decent and affordable Class 2 measuring microphones?

I’ve found and tested several 1/4″ Class 2 measuring microphones in the € 20,- to € 200,- range. They have all in common that they can be used with a mobile device (like; iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows mobile phone/tablet), but also with a notebook or PC.

For the tests I’ve used an old Neutrik (NTI) 3382 measuring microphone (with frequency correction files) as reference. The measurements were taken in my living room using a pair of bi-amped Philips VN3100-25 (OEM Stage Accompany Blue Box, SA4525). The distance between the measuring microphones and loudspeaker was set at 0.5 meter and 1 meter distances.

I’ve did the first measurement/comparison in June 2015 with the following measuring microphones:

Note: for the shootout I used for both the measuring microphones the optional available 48v adapters to adapt them to my Avid C-600 external sound card.

Both the MicW and the iSEMic can be used with any pc, notebook and mobile device as long the microphone’s MIC-IN at the device has a provision to deliver a 2.5 – 5v power to feed the electret capsule. For both the mentioned measuring microphones is a phantom (48v) adapter available.

Note: to connect the microphones directly to the MIC-IN of your Windows pc or notebook you need a 4-pole to 3-pole adapter/cable.

Last week I’ve found on the Internet another measuring microphone (also an electret condensor); the Dayton iMM-6  (available in The Netherlands at € 24,-).
I’ve asked the reseller to send me one to test.

You can find the results of the microphone shootout in Part-2.

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